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Hi there,

It would be cool to add an option for train length!

Also, it would be night to have a quick link to "Saved Searches" I feel like I always have to dig around.

Finally, a DO NOT show again or SEEN would be AWESOME!


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Hi Patricia,

Thanks for your feedback. You can access your saved searches in three ways.

1) You can click onto your Stillwhite account under your picture and click the saved searches tab
2) Type in the search bar and your saved searches will appear in the drop-down box for you to click onto
3) Go to the Shop button and click more filters and select saved searches there.

Thankyou for your other suggestions, I will pass them onto our team for consideration.

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I am beyond happy with the still white service! The up to date notifications of my favourite dress is what ultimately led me to buying it 2 days later in my own city. All the pictures were true to the dress in person and the email service was very prompt and reliable. Had I not been able to find this dress second hand on your website I would be ordering it online for double the price or travelling very far to buy it! Thank you for such a great service!
1 day ago
This was a very easy process for me to use in order to sell my wedding dress - thank you still white!
Alice, Robina
1 week ago